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Why You Should Hire Aqua Turf International?

Aqua Turf International Inc. offers several unique benefits listed below that make us the best selection for your irrigation design and consulting needs:

  • Experience – Over 90 years of experience in irrigation design, construction and maintenance
  • Independent designers with knowledge of all irrigation manufacturers products
  • Hundreds of worldwide references
  • International Experience having designed systems on every continent and condition
  • International Offices

Jupiter, Florida, USA

Bangkok, Thailand

Salon de Provence, France

Beijing, China

  • Member of the American Society of Irrigation Consultants
  • Certified Texas Irrigator
  • Irrigation Association Certified
  • Utilize latest technology GPS/CAD/Aerial Imaging/Hydraulic Design for the most accurate plans and installation
  • Color Plots for Ease of Use
  • Trimble GPS Mapping Instruments
  • Former Certified Golf Course Superintendent
  • Landscape Architecture Degree – University of Florida
  • Turfgrass Management Degree – Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS, USA

Contact your nearest ATI ffice for all your Irrigation Design,  Consulting and GPS needs

Why Hire an Independent Irrigaton Designer?

Why Hire a Professional Independent Irrigation Designer?

All irrigation systems no matter where they are for commercials landscapes, athletic fields, golf courses or other applications require a design. The design is the fundamental building block for whether the system will meet the needs of the project. Designs are typically provided by:

  1. Professional Independent Irrigation Designers
  2. Irrigation Material Distributors or Manufacturers
  3. Installers

A Professional Independent Irrigation Designer is a specialist that:

  • Performs impartially in the best interest of the CLIENT since he has no proprietary interest in the products that he specifies. A distributor or installer could design the system to be the least expensive in order to gain the sales rather than design a system that meets the long-term needs of the client that all suppliers can bid fairly insuring the right system at the best price.
  • Assists the CLIENT in system evaluation, design standards, justification, budget development, coordinates with the architect and can assist in implementation.
  • Provide years of experience and training
  • Provides efficient irrigation design and planning to develop accurate long-range plans, budget amounts, designs and specifications to meet the needs of the CLIENT.
  • Generates professional design based on the site requirements, agronomic needs, maintenance practices and economic efficiency.
  • Ensures a competitive and fair bid that will give the CLIENT a choice of products to fulfill his needs.  If plans are provided by multiple suppliers or distributors or installers then it is very difficult to compare the various and different plans.  Also, inaccurate quantities could be provided in order to gain the sale.
  • Can provides Professional Design Liability Insurance.
  • Can adapt to budgetary constraints and still design a system with integrity and expandability.
  • Provides field layout and construction administration to protect the CLIENT’S investment by ensuring the system and materials are installed as designed and specified.
  • Prepares exact records of installed equipment to insure accuracy and track the installation budget.  (GPS/CAD generated as-staked/built drawings).
  • Monitors and inspects irrigation installation for Quality Assurance to insure the supplier and contractor are installing the system as designed, specified and bid.

All these factors are keys to a long-lasting and efficient system. Independent ensure that you realize the maximum return on the significant investment in your new system. Independent designs are not expensive, especially when compared to the size of the investment.  Your investment that is a minimal percentage of the total irrigation project cost will ensure the quality you must have when the job is complete. The savings in a competitive bid, time, long-term efficiency and extended life of the system will more than offset the cost of these services.

Aqua Turf International Inc

Hello world!

Welcome to Aqua Turf International Inc.

Aqua Turf International, Inc. was founded in 1996 with quality turf, landscape and golf course playability as its primary goals as well as economic and environmental responsibility.

Since then ATI has expanded with three offices and quality staff to serve all your irrigation needs anywhere around the world. We utilize the latest in software to assist in our landscape and golf course irrigation plans.

Over or under irrigating greatly detract from the golf experience as well as having a direct impact on the appearance of the turf quality and landscape as well as a tremendous affect on the playability of a golf course.

The need for environmental protection as well as economic and labor efficiency require properly designed, installed and operated irrigation systems. We specialize in:

  • · Commercial and Landscape
  • · Golf course
  • · Athletic fields and parks
  • · Cemeteries
  • · Agriculture
  • · GPS Mapping

Whether you have an old system in need of improvement or a new construction Aqua Turf International can help ensure your Irrigation Quality worldwide. An ATI designed and planned irrigation system will:

  • · Greatly Improve Turf and Landscape Health
  • · Efficiently Utilize Power, Water and Labor
  • · Enhance Golf Course Playability
  • · Extend System Life

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