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Thai Country Club Upgrades Irrigation Control System

Thai Country Club in Chacheongsao, Thailand, just outside Bangkok, is in the process of upgrading their Rain Bird irrigation control system to improve the system efficiency as well as course playability.

The process was implemented after following the recommendation provided in an Irrigation System Analysis performed by Aqua Turf International (ATI). The course was suffering from wet fairways, approaches and surrounds. Some of these problems were attributed to poor drainage, but many of which were actually irrigation related.

Ron Carlyle, the turf consultant and agronomist for the course recommend the System Analysis be performed. After a few months of reviewing the Analysis the General Manager, John Blanch, realized the need and acquired the approvals needed to commence the planning, design and implantation of an irrigation control system renovation and water management training. The goal is to provide the staff with a system that is more efficient and offers more control capability. Additionally, upon completion of the upgrade the staff will be fully trained in the proper water management techniques so they can maximize the new investment in the control system.

The existing satellites had multiple sprinklers (2 – 4) operating simultaneously from a single station as shown in the photo below. This offered little control flexibility, especially since the sprinklers were widely spaced at 25 meters and above. Additionally, the high flow of the widely spaced sprinklers causes excess flow and water velocity in the lateral piping. The result was overwatered turf and unnecessary pipe and fitting failures.

The first step was for ATI to evaluate the satellites, communication wire and software to determine what would be required to convert to individual sprinkler control. There is a limit to the number of satellite channels per wire group. The new individual control nearly doubled the amount of channels required. Fortunately, by rearranging some of the satellites and adding only a small 1,000 meters of additional communication wire the individual control could be achieved without adding any additional satellites. Most of the existing satellites were only utilizing 24 – 32 of the 72 station potential station capacity of each satellite. ATI developed a new individual wiring plan to replace the old wiring plan. Fortunately, ATI had prepared a GPS as-built drawing several years earlier which was used as the basis for the re-design. After the new wiring plan was completed, new 8-station modules were purchased to expand each satellite to the capacity required. By this time the additional 1,000 meters of communication wire had been installed and it was time to get to work rewiring the satellites.

The re-wiring of the satellites is being performed in-house by the maintenance staff to control cost and is being supervised by James Schumacher of ATI. Each existing station is activated to determine which sprinklers are currently controlled by that station. They are then labeled with the correct number on the new wiring plan and then reconnected. To insure that the system is never down during the process, ATI reprograms the computer for the satellites completed that day. One to three holes can be completed each day.

In addition to the work on the satellites additional programming will be performed by ATI so the new individual station capability will be maximized. The Rain Bird Stratus software required an enhancement to allow for the expansion of a third communication wire path. Also a computer map enhancement is being added to allow for improved water management of the software by the staff. Once the project is finished the updated as-built drawing will be imported into the Rain Bird Stratus by ATI. This will allow access from the staff’s smart phones and tablets so each sprinkler run time can be adjusted daily to the correct amount. To further improve the system efficiency and playability two Rain Bird Rain Cans have been added to the system to provide automatic shut down of the system if a rain event occurs before or during a programmed irrigation cycle.

The staff will receive complete and ongoing water management and system training from ATI so they can optimize the investment the club has made in improved irrigation technology. The end result will be a golf course that is drier and more playable, healthier turf and reduced operating expenses.

Thai Country Club are moving forward as one of the leaders in improved water management in Thailand and example for others to follow.

Contact ATI if you are interested in improving your irrigation system and course playability.

Sentosa Golf Club Tanjong Course Commences Construction

Sentosa Golf Club, designed by Andy Johnston and Swanson Golf Design, has recently commenced a total renovation of the Tanjong Course. The Serapong Course at Sentosa Golf Club had previously been renovated in 2006 and underwent an irrigation upgrade in 2015. The Serapong Course is renowned for hosting the Singapore Open on the European Tour as well as the HSBC Women’s’ Open on the LPGA tour. We all remember Paula Creamers’ dramatic 75’ winning eagle putt there in 2014. We are sure the Tanjong will provide an equally exciting and interesting but different challenge to that of the Serapong.

The project is on a fast track with re-opening scheduled for November 1st. Work has commenced on the driving range which also will function as the turf nursery for the rest of the fairways and roughs. The installation is on a fast track since the driving range must be completed and opened for the Singapore Open the week of January 28th!! The temporary water supply for the driving range grow-in will come from an interconnection to the Serapong irrigation system until the new pump station and mainline can be installed.

Sentosa Golf Club, designed by Andy Johnston and Swanson Golf Design, has recently commenced a total renovation of the Tanjong Course.

Sentosa Golf Club, renovation of the Tanjong Course.

The golf course is being constructed by TEHC International PTE Ltd. and the irrigation system installed by Advanced Tech Irrigation Golf PTE Ltd., both from Singapore. ATI and TEHC were both involved in the Serapong irrigation renovations last year.

ATI provided the irrigation system design and is currently providing the system layout, inspection, as-built development and central computer programming with the keen help of Andy Johnston, GM at Sentosa, Rodney Mckeown GC Superintendent and CK Tan from TEHC International. The system includes wall to wall sprinkler coverage at 22m triangular spacing with individual sprinkler control to insure the utmost in water management.

The system features a Toro Lynx central control system with VPe satellites featuring with individual control of each Toro Infinity sprinkler. The system utilizes PVC mainline and fairway laterals and HDPE pipe for the green loops. The 511m3 per hour pump station is manufactured by Flowtronex. All the mainline and lateral valves are manufactured by Leemco.

TEHC has prepared installation samples of all the valve assemblies to be installed on the project. The samples were very beneficial for ATI inspection prior to installation, employee training and to help insure their material procurement is correct.

The system layout is being performed by ATI in coordination with TEHC International via the ATI survey method. TEHC is using their new Trimble G10 centimeter grade GPS mapping instrument. TEHC is instrumental in providing timely and highly accurate surveys of the grass and tree lines, course features and other important base information required to redesign the sprinkler layout based on the actual field conditions. ATI then re-designs the sprinkler layout in the computer. The new sprinkler layout is then laid out by TEHC using the same survey equipment.  Any revisions made during the inspection of the layout can be immediately surveyed and updated using the Trimble G10.   This method allows ATI to analyze several sprinkler layout options before selecting the optimum layout. This capability typically results in less sprinklers required to cover the same area because the triangular sprinkler grid can be finely aligned to the turf perimeters. Not only does this process improve the quality of the layout it helps provide an immediate real-time accurate as-built record of the installation. Additionally the stakes at each irrigation sprinkler are no longer required getting in the way of other trades such as grading and drainage installations prior to the irrigation installation. Learn more about the benefits and procedures involved with the survey staking at the ATI Blog

ATI is very proud to be part of the professional team at Sentosa Golf Club – Tanjong Course renovation 2016!.

A Singaporean Peacock Anxiously awaiting the re-opening of the Tanjong Course

A Singaporean Peacock Anxiously awaiting the re-opening of the Tanjong Course

ATI Attends China Golf Show in Beijing

The China Golf Show was held in Beijing MArch 22 – 24, 2013.  ATI was represented by Jim Schumacher, President of ATI and Thomas Muller of ATI-China.  ATI has attended the China Golf Show for many years and the activity and interest at the show seemed to be greater than in recent years.

China Golf Show 2013China Golf Show 2013

Several architects were exhibiting and most of them were extremely busy.  The interest in the show can surely be attributed to the success of young Chinese golfers such as:

  • Shanshan Feng, major champion on the LPGA tour at the 2012 LPGA Championship
  • Andy Zhang, a 14-year-old who qualified fo the 2012 US Open
  • Guan Tianlang, another 14-year-old who earned a berth at the US Masters by winning the championship at the , Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship in Thailand in late 2012.
  • Lian Wen Chong, 2007 Order of Merit on the Asian Tour, the first Chinese golfer to make the cut at a major, The Open Championship at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club, and set a new course record at Whistling Straits with his 8-under 64 in the third round of the 2010 PGA Championship.

In addition, Greg Norman, former long time world #1 and winner of two Majors, has
been hired by the Chinese Golf Association (CGA) to act as a mentor and help
develop a training program for its young players as they try to qualify for Rio
Olympics.  Golf is obviously trending in the right direction. 


Unfortunately, there are still many obstacles to overcome for golf to reach its potential development in China and most of Asia such as land acquisition, development cost and the lack of affordable public golf.   During the trip we visited a local driving range to find the facility brimming with new golfers.  The cost for 100 balls was $9, not exactly affordable for the average Chinese national or anyone for that matter.  Almost all the golf courses in China are private or extremely expensive as with most of Asia.  Until these obstacles are overcome golf will never meet its true potential in the region.

We are hopeful that with more success of Chinese golfers the government will join the cause and help provide affordable public golf to its’ citizens such as the many municipal courses available  in the USA and other parts of the world.

ATI Welcomes New China, Taiwan and Korea Associate

Aqua Turf International, Inc. the world’s leader in international irrigation design is proud to announce our new associate for China, Taiwan and Korea.

Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller ( 穆乐 ) received a BTEC Higher National Diploma from Beijing Finance and Economic College in 2006 with a major in English and International Business Management.  He spent the next several years furthering his education with a sharp focus on Golf Course Management attending both the University of Sunderland and Elmwood College in Scotland.  He received the Professional Development Award In Golf Management from Elmwood in 2009 and the prestigious Higher National Certificate of St. Andrews International Golf Qualification in 2010.  He began to apply his education and develop his practical experience in Scotland as well working at Gleneagles PGA Centenary Golf Course, Duke’s Golf Course and Elmwood Golf Course.  His English skills are extremely valuable in his role with ATI and were better developed while employed as a Tourist Guide and Caddy on Fife, Scotland golf courses including the Old Course at St. Andrews.  Upon his return to China Le Mu applied his turf management skills as the assistant superintendent at Jinhai Lake Resort, a  Jack Nicklaus Signature Course north of Beijing.  In that role he worked closely with ATI during the layout, installation and inspection of the irrigation system.

Thomas’s international education and practical experience at the some of the world’s best golf courses  combined with his command of the English language make him a tremendous asset to our ATI team.  His knowledge and ability to coordinate between the golf designer and local Chinese staff will insure the job is done right and there is no miscommunication.  His skills combined with the decades of knowledge and support from the worldwide ATI team is unmatched by any other irrigation consulting firm in China.

Thomas will be based in Beijing.  ATI now has four world-wide offices to help meet your irrigation design and consulting needs anywhere in the world.

You may contact Thomas at

Why You Should Hire Aqua Turf International?

Aqua Turf International Inc. offers several unique benefits listed below that make us the best selection for your irrigation design and consulting needs:

  • Experience – Over 90 years of experience in irrigation design, construction and maintenance
  • Independent designers with knowledge of all irrigation manufacturers products
  • Hundreds of worldwide references
  • International Experience having designed systems on every continent and condition
  • International Offices

Jupiter, Florida, USA

Bangkok, Thailand

Salon de Provence, France

Beijing, China

  • Member of the American Society of Irrigation Consultants
  • Certified Texas Irrigator
  • Irrigation Association Certified
  • Utilize latest technology GPS/CAD/Aerial Imaging/Hydraulic Design for the most accurate plans and installation
  • Color Plots for Ease of Use
  • Trimble GPS Mapping Instruments
  • Former Certified Golf Course Superintendent
  • Landscape Architecture Degree – University of Florida
  • Turfgrass Management Degree – Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS, USA

Contact your nearest ATI ffice for all your Irrigation Design,  Consulting and GPS needs

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Welcome to Aqua Turf International Inc.

Aqua Turf International, Inc. was founded in 1996 with quality turf, landscape and golf course playability as its primary goals as well as economic and environmental responsibility.

Since then ATI has expanded with three offices and quality staff to serve all your irrigation needs anywhere around the world. We utilize the latest in software to assist in our landscape and golf course irrigation plans.

Over or under irrigating greatly detract from the golf experience as well as having a direct impact on the appearance of the turf quality and landscape as well as a tremendous affect on the playability of a golf course.

The need for environmental protection as well as economic and labor efficiency require properly designed, installed and operated irrigation systems. We specialize in:

  • · Commercial and Landscape
  • · Golf course
  • · Athletic fields and parks
  • · Cemeteries
  • · Agriculture
  • · GPS Mapping

Whether you have an old system in need of improvement or a new construction Aqua Turf International can help ensure your Irrigation Quality worldwide. An ATI designed and planned irrigation system will:

  • · Greatly Improve Turf and Landscape Health
  • · Efficiently Utilize Power, Water and Labor
  • · Enhance Golf Course Playability
  • · Extend System Life

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